Additional resources

Video Lecture on Linear Mixed Effects Models by Dr. Mohammad Momenian. Watch the video here.

Workshop on Linear Mixed Models by Dr. Rosa Kwok. Watch the videos here (Part 1, Part 2).

Neurology and Neuroscience Course 
This course is offered at the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Hong Kong. You can watch all the course videos online here.

Hong Kong Version of the Oxford Cognitive Screen

The OCS is a stroke specific, rapidly administered, cognitive screening tool.  The OCS provides clinicians with a visual, easy-to-interpret, cognitive profile of their clients, including clients with aphasia.  The HK-OCS is a version specifically developed for Cantonese-speaking stroke survivors.
Visit the OCS website for general information about the screening tool.
More information about the HK-OCS, including soft copies of the test itself and a free Android HK-OCS app, can be obtained from Professor Brendan Weekes.

Cantonese Version of the Birmingham Cognitive Screen for Stroke Survivors

The BCoS is a neuropsychological test battery designed to assess impairment to a variety of cognitive domains, including language, in clients with brain injuries. By assessing clients across different domains the BCoS can aid clinicians in designing rehabilitation programmes and evaluating therapy outcomes. The HK-BCoS was developed as a tool for work with Cantonese-speaking clients in Hong Kong and found to be a valid, reliable tool for stroke survivors.
Visit the BCoS website for general information about the test. The HK-BCoS can be downloaded here: BookletRecording FormBooklet Apple.
More information about the HK-BCoS can be obtained from Professor Brendan Weekes.