Chair Professor,
Director of the Laboratory for Communication Science
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Mohammad’s research at LCS is concerned with the interface between morpho-syntactic and 
semantic factors during language comprehension. More particularly, he studies multi-word 
expressions and constructions such as light verb constructions and a variety of other compounds 
from a cross-linguistic perspective. He investigates the representation and spatio-temporal 
dynamics of such constructions using fMRI and EEG.
Graduate students (alphabetical)

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David is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 
His research interests are in science and technology studies (STS), ethnomethodology and conversation
analysis and the sociology of psychology. His doctoral research seeks to investigate experimenter–subject 
interaction in cognitive neuroscience experiments, with a particular focus on opening up the interaction
usually partitioned off by psychology as a confounding variable to empirical analysis.

GABRIEL ONG (Melbourne)
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Gabriel is a PhD candidate at the Department of Psychology at the University of Melbourne. 
His research focuses on analyzing task response times with psychological models in order to make 
conclusions about language processing. Currently, he is investigating the organization of the bilingual
lexical system, as well as the processes involved in language selection.

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Maria is a PhD Candidate in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences at The University of Hong
Kong. She worked 8 years in clinical practice as a neuropsychologist and 7 years in education as a 
lecturer. Her main practical interest lies in the area of brain fitness, neurohacking, and other ways 
to reach optimal brain performance. Currently, Maria works in the field of cognitive assessment in 
stroke. She translated and validated the Oxford Cognitive Screen into the Russian language. In the 
upcoming projects, Maria seeks to determine cognitive difficulties on different stages of the 
cerebrovascular disease and its connections with the brain structure.

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Phil is interested in the cognitive processes involved in reading Chinese, particularly among deaf 
signers from Hong Kong. His current research investigates how the phonological systems of 
Cantonese and Hong Kong Sign Language influence comprehension during sentence reading.
Undergrad students and RAs (alphabetical)

Lee Lok Yiu (Yoyo)
Cheung Chun Pui (Tommy)
Cheung Suet Lin (Shirley)
Wu Ka Ming (Kyle)
Cham Shuk Ka (Cindy)
Chan Yu Kei (Kelly)
Visiting Students (alphabetical)

Kinsey Bice (PhD, Funded by PIRE, Penn State)
Edith Fung (Edinburgh)
Christina Lutz (ETH Zurich)
Sergio Miguel Pereira Soares (Zurich)

Recently graduated students (alphabetical)

2018, Inna Brodsky (PhD Neuropsychology, University of Melbourne, self funded)
2018, Christina Lutz (MSc ETH Zurich, self funded)
2018, Sergio Pereira-Soares (MSc Zurich, self funded)
2018, Eilien Wagemakers (PhD Linguistics, HKU, HKPF funded)